Professional guidance and a personal approach to each career allows athletes to fully focus on their sports performances. Through our combined network, values and specially selected partners we offer a solid platform to all of our clients.

In each domain we can fall back on strong personalities and agencies that have built up their expertise in different segments and can support our clients at any moment. Our focus is on the following services:


Contract sourcing and negotiations

A correct agreement is the result of a negotiating process that has to go through different stages and in good understanding with all parties. ISEA stands for transparency and open communication in the negotiating process with the parties involved and their athletes. Together we discuss long-term career planning and together we confer on the negotiating stages. The efficiency of the negotiations depends on correct assessments and the determination of a correct market price. As a result of our experience as a management organisation over the past years we dispose of a thorough expertise in contract talks and so we can correctly assess a top sportsman’s market position.

Juridicial and fiscal assistance

The specification of a contract is closely linked to both fiscal and judicial rules. Top sportsmen often have to deal with foreign legislation, which can deviate to a considerable extent from the Belgian legislation and tax system. In this ISEA always works together with experts, who each in their own domain have years of experience and have achieved splendid results. It is of the utmost importance that care should be taken about the enforceability of clauses and judicial liability.

ISEA stands for drafting agreements and their correct execution.

ISEA acts as a mediator in disputes between the different contract partners. It is important that potential disputes can be settled in an accurate and efficient way and – if necessary – tackled with the appropriate judicial means.

As a platform for top sportsmen we are ready to address all judicial, fiscal and financial issues, and offer whatever support is needed.

As financial counsellors we call on independent, external experts. It is of the utmost importance for our athletes to cope with their financial resources in a responsible way. The life of a top sportsman starts at the end of his sporting career. We resolutely opt for financial comfort after the top sporting career and together with our athletes work out a financial scheme with a view to the future.

Media support and communication

Every communication gives an athlete the chance to confirm his identity and strengthen his public image. Social media, interviews and others ways have an impact on the aura of every athlete. These days it is important to consider the different opportunities in the field of communication and mass media. Good guidance and awareness-raising of their impact have become a major pillar for every athlete.

Commercial partnership

ISEA advises companies about giving shape to sports partnerships, discussing each steps towards the intended purpose. Drawing up a tailor-made sports marketing plan requires a certain specialisation. That is why we work together with different experts who dispose of the knowhow and draft a balanced programme for a company’s commitment.

Companies view sports as an ultimate and efficient means of communication to go public with their message, image and product. It is important to realise a good mix between the values and standards of an enterprise and our own commitment.

One of the main motives for companies to invest in sports is the realisation of a heightened brand publicity, the expansion of networks, the development of a public image, the increase in turnover.
It is important to perfectly attune the available marketing tools to sports partnerships. ISEA stands for elaborating this planning and negotiating with a company’s marketing services. Building together towards an ultimate sports project that suits the vision and mission of companies; tailoring a sports marketing plan in order to make the planned objectives come true. Linking all this to sports events provides the aura a company is looking for.

Sports career planning

ISEA counsels high potential talents in the professional world of cycling. We support and advise professional cyclists about what next step to take in their career. We make long-term planning, assess goals and support with financial and fiscal expertise. Transparency and clearness are at the centre in all negotiations with teams and partners.

Mental coaching can play an important part in the evolution of an athlete’s career. Focussing on change and growth. Supplying the extra touch in order to make a difference at the right time.
Focussing on the strong points and talents of our athletes by means of positive coaching results in top performances. Creating mental rest stimulates them to push back their sporting frontiers.

End of career planning

Over the years we have become increasingly aware of the importance of end of career guidance to our athletes,

Counselling an athlete towards the end of his career is of major importance. Providing an athlete with adequate schooling and offering perspectives for the future, are basic activities that we are going to expand considerably over the coming years.

The so-called “black hole” is an experience lots of ex-top sportsmen are faced with. Passing on experience to junior talents, launching a new career, starting vocational training... In short, building towards a second career.

ISEA gives advice about outlining an after-career planning, so everybody can develop their individual competences at their own level.